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Red Vein Kratom Plants

29 Jan

Red Vein Kratom Plants For Sale

If you are interested in growing your own Kratom, why not try Red Vein Kratom Plants? They are really easy to grow and have a deep red color throughout the entire leaf. You will see dark red veins on the RVT Kratom plant, while it is growing rapidly.

One of the most sought after Kratom strains is the Red Vein Thai AOE. You can buy this rare plant red vein Kratom at EthnoDirect

For other rare Kratom plant strains, stick around and I will post more on this topic at a later date. Thank you for checking out my Article on red vein Kratom plant.




Super Green Malaysian Strain Kratom Plants For Sale At

2 Dec

Super Green Malaysian Strain Kratom Plants For Sale At

These plants grow really well and sometimes can outgrow other strains of Kratom plants. This is a must have for collectors and some prefer the Green Vein strains over the others.

Green Vein Kratom

Green Vein Kratom Plant

Kratom Plants For Sale

28 Jan

Kratom Plants For Sale

Kratom Plants For Sale

Kratom Plants For Sale At

Hello Fellow Ethnobotanical Plant Enthusiasts. I am Happy to report that, I have a great deal on Kratom(Mitragyna Speciosa) Tree’s.  You will receive Three Kratom Plants.

These fully rooted and potted Kratom trees are 2-3 months old. Once potted into nice size containers, they will really start to take off. These Kratom tree’s are normally around 5-8 inches tall and have multiple sets of leaves.

Is It Hard To Grow Kratom?

Kratom Tree’s are very easy to grow indoors and outdoors. In the winter you can bring your Kratom trees indoors. I have grown Kratom plants for many years and have a lot of experience with all of the different Kratom strains. If you are interested in Growing Kratom plants, you should definitely check out my Kratom Plant Grow Guide. You will find out which soil is the best for Kratom plants, as well as which fertilizers to use for Mitragyna Speciosa plants. If you follow my instructions you will have great success with these amazing plants.

How Do I Ship Kratom Tree’s?

Kratom Trees are shipped very safely inside of plastic bottles, to keep them from getting crushed or from drying out. I have shipped these Kratom tree’s all over the world and I have never had one arrive dead. I guarantee against DAO(dead on arrival) If they arrive dead, I will replace the plants that died.

For information on Ordering from me, Email me at EthnoDirect At Gmail Dot com

I will update this post shortly with new pictures and possibly videos.

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